Powerful solutions supporting REACH registration

The established platform for REACH Lead Registrants and SIEF Consortia to collaborate resources and communicate with SIEF members and joint registrants.

Since 2008, ReachSuite has facilitated the work of Lead Registrants, large Consortia and Trade Associations in preparing for REACH Registration, reducing the cost of administration to multiple joint registrants and promoting efficient best practice.




Online SIEF Portal

Provide information to SIEF members on an secure, easy-to-use, personalised portal. SIEF members can download information on demand. Negate the need for emailing large attachments.

SIEF Management & Communications

Organise and communicate with SIEF members. Effectively manage Lead Registrant activities. Optional extension for monitoring your non-Lead registration activities.

Task Forces

Collaborate securely with consortium members in task forces or teams.

Online Contracts

Provide an online facility to joint registrants to sign SIEF Agreements and purchase Letters of Access.


Provide joint registrants with token and other registration materials securely. Works alongside the online contracts capability.

Planning & Activity Management

For service providers and consortia working remotely to collaborativley develop registration materials.


Cloud-based - supports most up-to-date browsers, low support overhead. Mobile support for tablets and smartphoness.

Subscription-based - no upfront investment cost. Modular - pay for what you use.

Highly configurable - quick setup with minimal implementation time, saves money

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