ReachSuite now available for Service Providers

Monday, 6 July 2009 Baytouch today announced the general availability of an updated version of its ReachSuite Consortium Management and SIEF Management and Communication tools.

Many of the more successful service providers are struggling under the weight of documentation they need to process on behalf of their clients, the Information Requirements, the SIEF communications involved and much more, as well as keeping their clients updated with progress, so Baytouch has adapted the already successful consortium management tool designed to do this for consortia to the needs of service providers.

The key enhancement is the provision of management and security by Task Force within the modules which allows not only a consortium to partition off groups of substances for management by a team or Task Force, but enforces security such that those Task Force members can only see the substances for which they have specific access to.

"This easily-managed feature builds on the unique category approach that ReachSuite provides for Consortium Substance Management based on our experience with some of the largest consortia in industry," says Malcolm Pollard, Baytouch Managing Director. He continues, "This also provides the ideal tool for service providers acting as ORs and TPRs with large numbers of substances under management to effectively manage their clients substances and SIEF participation and communications on an individual basis without compromising confidentiality whilst leveraging all of the information they hold in the system for the benefit of all their clients."

The system is currently being tested by a major REACH service provider for its own use inhouse with several more having expressed an interest in adopting the model to make enhance their REACH service provision.

The Service Provider version is based on the Consortium Management Solution outlined below; for further information on this release or the complete range of ReachSuite REACH management IT solutions, click here.