ECHA hears about REACHsuite customer's "best practice"

Friday, 14 September 2009

At the ECHA and European Commission-organised Lead Registrants Workshop on 11th September 2009, over 500 delegates joined together in Brussels (and via webstream) to share best practice informing the Lead Registrants about the support available; about the best practices of well functioning SIEFs; how to build registrations dossiers; and how to fulfil information requirements.

Chris Money of the Lower Olefins and Aromatics Consortium (LOA) presented on "How to Manage a SIEF with 1000’s Members : Making Best Use of Consortia within SIEFs " as LOA has particularly large SIEFs to deal with and proven expertise in this area.

Some of the background to LOA:

Olefins : Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene ....
Aromatics : Benzene, Toluene, Xylenes, Cyclohexane ....
Streams : from steam cracking and aromatic units

  • 136 Substances
  • 30 substance dossiers
  • 106 substances benefit from category approach in 14 categories

In excess of 30,000 SIEF member contacts of the 136 substances are communicated with on a regular basis and REACHsuite has played a key role in helping the LOA service provider teams and consortium executive management in areas such as Substance Management, Proprietary Data, Project Planning and Action Tracking, SIEF Management, SIEF Communications, and Contract issuing and management.

Click here for the presentations from the day on the ECHA website.and Chris' LOA presentation is here, which has detail about REACHsuite's role in the Back-up section after the Questions? slide, including preliminary information on the soon to be released Contracts Tool.

For further information on how REACHsuite can assist with consortia or SIEF formation and management, click here.

For more background and information on LOA, it can be contacted direct through its website