Baytouch Announces Online Contract and Billing as part of REACHsuite

Monday, 9 November 2009 A LEADING provider of REACH Management IT solutions has developed the first ever online service for invoicing and contract formation for REACH SIEFs that meets legal guidelines.

Baytouch, a global leader in the provision of REACH Management IT solutions, has revealed new technology which enables contract development, billing and document and dossier distribution to SIEF members to take place electronically.

Other enhancements include improved taskforce management facilities for consortia, IUCLID integration and the secure handling of proprietary data.

The technology will allow thousands of SIEF members to sign online and download documents required for registration - without resorting to lengthy paper processes.

This will be of considerable benefit to hard-pressed SIEF managers who have thousands of contracts to manage.

Baytouch director Mike Penman said: “It’s great to demonstrate our leadership in the field with these new developments.

“We can offer all our customers a reliable, cost efficient and paperless solution to the contract generation and document distribution process.”

REACH places responsibilities on all European manufacturers and EU importers to identify and manage the risks that their substances pose to humans.

The formation of the SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum) is central to the REACH process allowing SIEF members to share their toxicological data and prevent further animal testing.

Effective IT solutions are needed to manage this and reduce the significant admin overhead.

Mike Neal, of Petkonsept Polymer Consulting Ltd, is a REACHsuite customer.

He said: “REACHsuite has been an excellent primary tool for communication between all the members of the SIEFs I manage.

“REACHsuite has flexibility and features that no other tool has, and is the ideal medium for carrying out this important and complex role.

“It is a drivable system that can help any new lead registrant and its SIEF members along the difficult path to successful registration."

For further information on how REACHsuite can assist with contracts and billing for SIEFs, click here.

An extended version of this announcement is attached:
Baytouch Nov 5 2009 Press release.pdf