Consortium Contracts/Letter of Access Best Practice at Work

Friday, 5 May 2010

The Lower Olefins and Aromatics Consortium on May 4th/5th ran online webinars designed to deliver the crucial information that its 37,000 SIEF members need to know in order to process their contracts for acquiring Letters of Access from the Lower Olefins consortium so that they themselves can process their registrations in plenty of time before the November 30th, 2010 deadline.

The content featured:

* What the LOA REACH Consortium will deliver to the SIEF members
* How the process works for purchasing a letter of access, including payment and delivery of the datasets
* What registrants need to do as part of the overall registration process to ECHA
* How data should be entered into IUCLID (a practical guide)

A substantial part of this process is managed through REACHsuite's Contracts, Billing and Deliverables functionality which is easy to set-up providing for flexibility in the contract form and text and simplicity and ease of use from the SIEF member's perspective. To quote from the presentations:

> Safe online system

> No charge other than the published Letters of Access costs

> Transparent - allows the SIEF Member & signatory to see / print the contract at all stages

> Fast – automatic contract generation takes less than 30 minutes

> Paperless – download your letters of access and store them electronically or print and file

> Always open - 24 hours / 7 days a week

For the complete webinar content, either just the slides or the slides along with the commentary, click here.

Further information on how REACHsuite can assist with SIEF contracts and billing or a free, no obligation online demonstration, click here.