REACHsuite: the IT solution for SIEFs of ALL sizes

Saturday, 13 May 2010

Malcolm Pollard, Baytouch MD, today spoke out about the current state of the market for SIEF communications tools and recent consolidations and withdrawals.

“With some of our competitors now deserting this field and leaving their clients high and dry, it pays for SIEFs of all sizes to consider carefully their investment in management and communications technology going forward for the 2013 and 2018 registration timeframes, “ he says.

“There are many smaller SIEFs using REACHsuite, usually through Baytouch’s growing list of service providers that provide not only cost effective access to the most comprehensive range of REACH IT solutions in the market, but also offer a layer of value-add REACH services that some of the smaller SIEFs find appealing.”

Mr Pollard added, “Perceptions that REACHsuite is only for large consortia are ill-informed as the smallest SIEF managed within REACHsuite at the moment has 2 active members. As a stable and profitable company with no debt, Baytouch is able to provide SIEF management solutions across the whole spectrum of SIEF activity to 2018 and beyond.”

For further information on how REACHsuite can support your SIEF’s communications strategy and operational management services, click here.