Baytouch unveils powerful new REACHsuite Advantage software

Monday, 30 June 2010

Baytouch Ltd, the leading provider of REACH Management IT solutions today revealed their new powerful REACHsuite Advantage product.

Baytouch has joined forces with top international REACH consultant Onno Jongerius to create a unique product that combines the unbeatable functionality of REACHsuite software with a pre-defined registration control application ready for direct use.

REACHsuite Advantage has been designed using Onno’s specialist insight and intellectual property to put individual user’s needs at the forefront of the existing REACHsuite technology and include full road maps and pre-defined SIEF portal and communication tools.

It is now being launched across Europe and will be ideally suited for REACH teams battling their way towards successful registration for end 2010 as well as for the next Registration deadlines to come - irrespective of their level of expertise.

An early adopter of REACHsuite Advantage is Kemira, a global two billion euro chemicals company that is focused on serving customers in water-intensive industries.

Helena Huttunen, principal specialist for REACH in Kemira and also Kemira's Consortium coordinator and Lead Registrant for the biggest Consortium covering 15 Lead Substances.

She said: “I am using REACHsuite Advantage for creating SIEF communication actions to my Kemira colleagues, to be sent out to SIEF members.

“I am basically implementing the Consortium's documents and decisions in a more communicative format for the SIEF members, and then following up their responses and feedback.

REACHsuite Advantage is easy to use and supports managing the SIEF communication superbly. Unlike other software, it also seems to be easy to maintain and is highly user friendly.

“In addition to this and its efficient email system, REACHsuite Advantage has been essential for the management of non-Lead substances, and creating surveys for the Lead Substances as well as storing information received from the surveys.”

Baytouch is currently working successfully with a growing number of leading Consortia and SIEFs throughout Europe. They offer all those who deal with chemicals an integrated solution to support and deliver REACH requirements with a solution focused on technology efficiency, industry knowledge and best practice.

Baytouch managing director Malcolm Pollard, said Baytouch, has already created a series of partnerships with consultants who can modify REACHsuite for their individual clients.

He added that Onno’s work in bringing this highly functional process driven solution to market is a prime example of REACHsuite’s configurability and flexibility.

Malcolm said: “Onno’s thought leadership on many aspects of SIEF management gained through his extensive experience with ReachCentrum and practical implementations at various companies allied to REACHsuite’s functionality has delivered a key set of ready-to-run REACH IT solutions.

“These will be of immense benefit to Registration managers of all levels of knowledge and understanding.

REACHsuite Advantage will save a lot of people a lot of time and enable Registration managers to be able to coordinate their day-to-day operations & internal and external communications more efficiently.

“Onno has done a superb job and we are looking forward to collaborating with him long term.

“We also look forward now to working with other consultants and consultancy practices that want to deliver similar functionality for their client’s specific use.”

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