ReachSuite Web Services - now more open than ever

Monday, 8 September 2011

Data integration has always been a key selling point for ReachSuite, data from ECHA’s systems, integration with IUCLID 5 as well as with other sources through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets imports and exports.

Now with the introduction of a fully defined Web Services interface (WSDL) complying with industry web standards, ReachSuite can be both a “consumer” of web services, i.e. be readily available to read in data from other web services sources, or be a “provider” (or publisher) of data to other systems web services.

In real life terms, this will make it easier to move data across for ERP systems like SAP, Oracle and other database management systems so the structure and rich store of business-essential data can be easily married to the flexible and highly functional and communicative ReachSuite data management system.

Areas where this could provide highly functional integrated solutions include customer and product data moved directly into ReachSuite for supply chain communications and OR or taking product information and implementing a cost effective and easy-to-use Substance Volume Tracking solution.

This is now part of ReachSuite so please contact us for further information on implementing Web Services and how ReachSuite can give you business advantage, click here.