ReachSuite Solutions

The REACH Challenge

REACH ushers in a new era of chemicals regulation which is not just a technical issue or regulatory activity.

The intricacies of today’s processes, products and global supply chains and the extraordinary complexity of REACH mean that its management encompasses all aspects of the business and related functions.

Senior management’s major challenge is how to comply with REACH so that it has the minimal possible adverse effect on business plans and costs.

How ReachSuite Can Help

ReachSuite manages these challenges through its systemised approach to REACH compliance.

It is a comprehensive IT solution for businesses manufacturing or importing substances which have to be registered and for monitoring EU-supplied raw materials/substances to ensure their registration for your uses:

  • Where you need to collaborate across business functions, sites, legal entities and even with consortia and SIEF members
  • Where managing large numbers of substances/ raw materials, articles, mixtures and polymers over extended periods makes any other approach impractical

Why Spreadsheets will not work

  • You need to share data accessed from different locations, with version control, to 2018 and beyond.
  • You need to monitor and report on action plans and timescales with follow-up capabilities
  • You need sustainable audit trails into the future – who did what and when?

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